Colony Usage Rules
    1) Do not attempt to get around the security, you may be banned from future usage.
    2) Internet sites are mostly restricted to Tritech's website. The content is extracted from other sites for viewing.

Craigslist Ads
    1) If you want to respond to an ad, the email address to send to will be shown in the top left corner like: (Reply to:  The '' is the email address to send your response via your email system.

Software Tools
    1) Email programs and other tools can be downloaded from the following URL Address:
    2) AVG anti-virus updates can be downloaded from the following link:
It is updated by 4 AM each day with the newest one. 
How to update manually after you download the update from the link to your computer(s):

             - Open the AVG program
             - From top menu "Tools" select "Update from directory" option
             - Navigate to the folder where AVG update file is stored and click "OK"
Click here for a detailed word document on how to do this.

Internet Connectivity
    Please note that customers that have a main connection to their site via a wireless link, those connections are subject to humidity, weather, etc.  Which means that that the Internet connection may bounce up and down throughout the day/night.  We are constantly are monitoring the connections and will work with your provider to restore connection if there needs to be assistance.

Email Setup
    1) If you prefer to not use the Webmail program (, you can configure your email program from the Software Tools selection.  The following settings will be required to configure it:
         SMTP Server:
         IMAP Server:
         POP(3) Server:
         Username:  Your email address I.e. <>
         Password:   Your email password

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